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Printable DVD-R Media - Our Best Pro-Grade 8x White Inkjet,Hub Printable, 4.7GB in spindles

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Printable DVD-R Media - Our Best Pro-Grade 8x White Inkjet,Hub Printable, 4.7GB in spindles

Please Select Pak Size & Price:
50 Pak, 3 lbs - $ 49.50  ($0.99000 ea)
100 Pak, 6 lbs - $ 79.00  ($0.79000 ea)
200 Pak, 11 lbs - $ 150.00  ($0.75000 ea)
500 Pak, 26 lbs - $ 345.00  ($0.69000 ea)
1000 Pak, 51 lbs - $ 650.00  ($0.65000 ea)
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Our Best Professional Quality 8X to 1X DVD-R - In Stock, Ready-to-Ship!

Our most compatible high speed blank DVDs for today's fastest burners -- tested for compatibility and now included in most major brand DVD burner firmware upgrades. Fully 1X, 2X, 4X to 8X write speed certified, 4.7GB single sided, with a blank WHITE inkjet Hub printable top surface. The WHITE top blank surface, features no logos or imprinting, over a highly playback-compatible red-purple color dye on the bottom writing side. Features the newest Version 2.0 DVD-R "minus" or general purpose format.

Tested for Reliability, Speed and Compatibility with these Burners

  • LG GSA-4081B 1X - 4X A104
  • LG GSA-4082B 1X - 8X A106  
  • LG GSA-4120B 1X - 4X A101  
  • NEC ND-2500A 1X - 4X 1.07  
  • NEC ND-2510A 1X - 4X 2.15  
  • OptoRite DD-0401 1X - 8X 160E  
  • OptoRite DD-0405 1X - 8X 160E  
  • OptoRite DD-1203 1X - 8X 110E  
  • Panasonic LF-M621 1X - 4X F100
  • Panasonic SW-9583 1X - 4X B100  
  • Pioneer DVR-A06/106D 1X - 4X 1.08  
  • Pioneer DVR-A07/107D LXA 1X - 8X 1.18  
  • Pioneer DVR-A08XL 1X - 8X 1.18  
  • Pioneer DVR-108L 1X - 8X 1.18  
  • Plextor PX-708A 1X - 4X 1.07  
  • Plextor PX-712A 1X - 8X 1.03  
  • SONY DRU-530A 1X - 8X 2.1b  
  • SONY DRU-540A 1X - 8X 1.0a
  • SONY DRU-700A 1X - 8X VY05  
  • TDK AID+440N 1X - 4X 1.0c  
  • TDK AID+840G 1X - 4X 1.07  
  • TDK AID+880N 1X - 4X 1.34
  • Works in most other 8x or 4x capable DVD burners compatible with the DVD-R/W standard format, including most dual +/- burners

If your DVD burner is 8x capable for DVD-R "general purpose" type discs, then it should burn these discs (see general compatibility notes below). The drives above have been tested with the firmware shown and have proven to be compatible.

SPEED NOTE -- 4X or 8X burning is possible only with the latest hardware, such as the Pioneer DVR-107D and DVR-A08/108 burners and new 8x or 4x Dual DVD+/-RW burners from Sony or NEC. Be sure to upgrade your firmware to the latest official firmware releases available to maximize your drive's compatibility with more disc brands, and also to ensure that your DVDs will play with fewer errors on stand alone DVD players. Ritek's 4x-1x discs fall back to 1X speed when 4X is not possible, or 2X speed in most 2X capable burners.

Macintosh Speed and Compatibility -- Works with some of the newest 4x capable Mac Superdrives, with Pioneer DVR-107D Superdrive mechanisims. See your System Profiler under the Apple Menu to check your drive model number. Some Mac owners report they have removed their drive into a Windows computer, applied the latest firmware and then replaced the drive back into their Mac and are now enjoying faster burning on more brands of discs. Neither Apple, Pioneer, nor ourselves can guarantee your drive if you have problems doing this, so use extreme caution if upgrading your firmware this way. Proceed at your own risk.

Owners of Panasonic DVD-RAM/-R Recorders should buy our Stock Nos. 702757, 702991 silver top professional grade DVD-R discs, or our white topped DVD-R discs Stock No. 702740W. Panasonic's mechanisms require a disc with higher-than-normal reflectivity. Those 3 products are working well for most models of Panasonic DVD recorders and burners. Some Macintosh Superdrives also are working with those 3 kinds of discs.

GENERAL COMPATIBILITY NOTES - These discs are Version 2.0, the latest type of general purpse DVD-R, and have been tested and certified to work well with DVD-R "general" pr type DVD burners. After being properly burned, they can be played on most DVD players. Most problems with disc compatibility are actually caused by outdated drive firmware. Firmware controls how your drive works with different brands of discs. Recent firmware upgrades are now available for most DVD burner drives that tremedously improve the drives' ability to recognize and burn more brands of DVD discs properly, so those discs will play without errors on most DVD players. You should check frequently to see if new upgrades are available, because new releases are now being released every week. Download FREE firmware upgrades for DVD burners at or, or go to your manufacturer's support pages.

Backed by our 60-Day Pro-Grade Media Limited Warranty.



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Since 1981, Americal has guaranteed our generic CD, DVD and Diskette Media products to meet or exceed industry standards. We guarantee you'll be satisfied with our non branded no-name media, or your money back!
Secure Orders - all major credit cards accepted, also COD and Money Orders, too!
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