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Pioneer 8x DVD±R/W, CD-R/W Writer DVR-107D with cables and DVD software, now $119

DVD Burner Pioneer DVR-107D
Save $110 off retail, now $119
8x DVD±R/W and CD-R/W Writer
with uLead OEM DVD Software Suite
for Windows, and cables
Internal ATAPI EIDE Drive
(External Case Optional)

New Lower $119.00 Price - Limited Time Offer!
Stock No. DVR107 - Retail Value: $249.00


Pros -- A first choice for any professional DVD producer. Saves many hours on each job by burning at today's fastest 8x speeds for both types of 8x rated DVD-R and DVD+R discs. Even more advanced than Pioneer's older DVR-106D, with additional disc stability and control improvements for even more reliable recordings. Pioneer's unique anti-disc-wobble drive mechanism ensures best possible data alignment in center of the disc's tracks, yielding fewer playing errors, providing the best possible video playback. Pioneer frequently updates their drive firmware with free downloadable upgrades, enabling their burners to work successfully with more brands of discs than any other DVD burner. Now burns both "general minus type" or "plus type" DVDR and DVDRW discs. Works well at all DVD disc speed ratings, from 8x to 4x, 2.4x, 2x or 1x.

Cons--Very few negatives. Doesn't support DVD-RAM discs. This machine remains the MOST VERSATILE and COMPATIBLE of the DVD burners we've tested.

Macs -- the new MacOS 10.3.3 now provides native support for the DVR-107D if installed internally. Older 9.2.2 and earlier systems may not support this new drive. However some Apple Mac DVD creation software such as iDVD may stll have problems recognizing any type of external Firewire/USB connected drives, and special files may be required for some users. See the user forum discussions at iDVD external burner support page, as well as their general DVD drive forum and for MacOS external DVD drive support and instructions. Current "high end" Apple Mac G5 models are still shipping with the 106D drives. Expect changes and upgrades to major Apple DVD software and Mac hardware system configurations to include even more DVR-107D support, and to continue to evolve toward the DVR-107D soon.

The DVR-107D is the world's first 8x +/- format writer, meaning it is capable of writing at 8x speed on DVD-R discs whose standard is being ratified in the DVD Forum and +R discs that are designed for this recording speed.

The new drive also records high-speed DVD-RW and +RW discs at up to 4x speed, and CD-R and CD-RW discs at up to 24x speed.

By supporting the DVD Forum's DVD-R and DVD-RW disc formats as well as the +R and +RW formats, Pioneer is helping to eliminate format confusion, which has become a growing problem for potential buyers. Pioneer engineers focused on improving the writing/recording quality and reliability for high-speed writing. New technology accommodates for variances in blank media.

This is the "plain box" version of Pioneer's own retail "DVR-A07" that they sell at much higher prices in a fancy retail box. It is an authentic, 100% new, Pioneer product and is identical in all respects to the drive sold in the retail box. Only the packaging and accessories are different. This new plain boxed DVR-107D drive will be upgradable by the same official firmware updates as would their DVR-A07 drive in the fancy boxes. Save money and buy with confidence!

Backed by the Pioneer Limited Parts and Repair Warranty and customer support system. Pioneer has an excellent Online Technical Support System and a customer toll-free USA hotline for help at (800) 421-1404, open Mon-Fri 6am-4pm Pacific Time.


• DVR-107D Specifications (400kb PDF)
• DVR-107D User Manual (1.5mb PDF)

Some of the technological advancements include
• Pioneer-developed Liquid Crystal Control System for precise recording onto the surface of discs that may be warped or of uneven thickness.
•  Smart Laser Driver to provide a precise laser pulse control and achieve more reliable recording for highspeed writing.
•  Precision Recording Technology, which utilizes an auto-adjustable writing technique to enable recording under the best conditions for each disc characteristic at all times. This technology, first introduced in the DVR-A06, enables the DVR-107D to achieve optimal initial writing performance and helps to minimize the normal deterioration of re-recordable discs due to repeated writing. As a result, the quality for repeatedly used DVD-RW discs is up to 10 times better than previous writers.
• A Defect Management System that enhances the writing reliability further, while maintaining read compatibility with other DVD-ROM drives, DVD players and DVD recorders.
• An Ultra Dynamic Resonance Absorber that reduces vibrations that can affect performance during high-speed recording and playback of some discs. With this feature, the high precision servo system remains stable during both high-speed recording and playback. The DVR-107D also includes an extensive collection of software applications for video authoring, editing, DVD slide show creation, and data recording. With its low cost and compact design, Pioneer's DVR-107D multiple format DVD/CD writer targets digital video editing and archiving as its "killer application" as well as traditional data and digital image storage applications.


• DVD-R 4.7GB, DVD-RW 4.7GB
• DVD+R 4.7GB, DVD+RW 4.7GB
• CD-R 700MB (Type 80), CD-R 650MB (Type 74), CD-RW, High Speed CD-RW

DVD-ROM & DVD-Video (Plays both Single & Dual Layer) DVD-R, DVD-RW, DVD+R, DVD+RW, DVD-RAM CD-ROM Mode 1, CD-ROM XA Mode 2 (Form1, Form2) CD-DA CD-EXTRA (CD Plus), Video CD, Photo-CD (Single or Multi-session) CD-Text, CD-R, CD-RW

• DVD-R -- 8X Z-CLV(8X-DVD-R media), 6X(8X DVD-R media), 4X (4X DVD-R media), 2X*, 1X
• DVD-RW -- 4X(4X-DVD-RW media), 2X (2X DVD-RW media), 1X
• DVD+R -- 8X Z-CLV(8X DVD+R media), 6X(8X DVD+R media), 4X (4X DVD+R media), 2.4X DVD+RW -- 4X(4X DVD+RW media), 2.4X
• CD-R -- 24X Z-CLV, 16X, 8X, 4X
• CD-RW -- 24X Z-CLV(Ultra-Speed CD-RW media), 16X(Ultra-Speed CD-RW media), 10X (High- Speed CD-RW media), 4X

• DVD-ROM (Single) -- Max 12X CAV
• DVD-ROM (Dual) -- Max 8X CAV DVD-R, DVD-RW -- Max 8X CAV DVD+R, DVD+RW -- Max 8X CAV DVD-RAM -- 2X CLV DVD-Video -- 2X CLV
• CD-ROM -- Max 40X CAV (Mode 1) CD-R, CD-RW -- Max 32X CAV CD-DA (DAE) -- Max 40X CAV CD Audio -- Max 9.3X CAV

INTERFACE ATAPI (PIO Mode4/Multi Word DMA Mode2), Ultra DMA 33 (Ultra DMA Mode2)
MOUNTING ORIENTATION Horizontal and Vertical

This is an INTERNAL EIDE ATAPI drive, compatible with most desktop or tower PCs or Macs. If you have a small compact or notebook computer you may want to order our Firewire/USB2.0 external enclosure, shown below. This pre-assembled case comes with cables so any Firewire or USB 2.0 equipped computer can use the drive.

Select Optional Add-Ons for your Drive:    (with drive purchase only)

our best DVD-R 4x disc Starter (25) Spindle, Silver PRO-GRADE 4X DVD-R 4.7gb General Type Discs - a fresh cello wrapped 25-pak spindle of our best quality generic, most compatible and reliable 4x "minus" or "general" type DVD-R's, retail value $49.99... $37.25 
our best plus type 4x DVD+R Starter (25) Spindle, Silver PRO-GRADE 4X DVD+R 4.7gb Plus Type Discs - a fresh cello wrapped (25) Spindle of our best quality, most compatible bulk generic, Plus 4x-2.4x DVD+R's, retail value $74.99 ... $47.25 
click for full details External Case - Firewire and USB 2.0 enclosure -- Includes its own AC internal power supply with AC power cord, and both Firewire & USB 2.0 cables. Great for notebook or other small computers where there is not room to install an internal IDE drive. Requires available Firewire port or USB 2.0 port. Your drive ordered below will be pre-assembled into case (for Macs or Windows), worth $129.99. $89.00 
uLead DVD Software Suite on 1 CD INCLUDED WITH BASIC OFFER BELOW -- Powerfull uLead Licensed DVD Software SE Suite on CD (for Windows PCs only) - Special full working editions of powerful uLead DVD software. Will not "time out" -- not a trial version but a "special edition" SE suite all on one CD. Your licensed SE programs can even be upgraded to deluxe, even more powerful versions (if you ever want to) directly from at any time for an additional uLead upgrade fee. But most people won't need or want to upgrade. If desired you can order this software separately, or if you order the 'basic offer' below, it is already included. These are great programs, worth about $200 if you could buy them separately! Your licensed DVD software suite CD will include...
  • Record Now/Write DVD 4.6
  • Win DVD4
  • Ulead Videostudio 7 SE
  • Ulead DVD Movie Factory 2 SE
  • Ulead Picture Show 2 SE
  • Simple BackUp 4.9

BASIC DVR-107D INTERNAL DRIVE AND uLead SOFTWARE OFFER, includes uLead OEM DVD Software Suite on CD for Windows (described above), and cables... -- Select the number of optional add-ons you want above (if any) and then select the number of internal bare drives you want to the right, and press the ADD button. (Remember, you don't need to order additional uLead software above, it is already included in this special offer!) Now $ 119.00

BLACK Face Version - same features as above BASIC offer, with uLead software and cables. Now $ 119.00

EXTERNAL DVR-107D IN FIREWIRE/USB2.0 CASE OFFER... Shipped pre-assembled into attractive $89 Firewire/USB2.0 external case, with both Firewire and USB 2.0 cables and AC power cord, including $39 uLead Software package described above. Select the number of external drives you want to the right, and press the ADD button. Now $ 249.00

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