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Which DVD Players Can Work with DVD-Rs?

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DVD Players that Play Some Types of DVD-Rs
Not all DVD Players are capable of playing or reading a DVD-R format recordable DVD disc. And, those that can play at least one kind or brand of DVD-R may not be able to play other brands, regardless of quality.

75% Can...
A glance at the list below will show you that about 75% of today's DVD players can handle DVD-Rs. As you may know, the store-bought DVD Movies and Games you have were pressed mechanically, like old-fashioned vinyl LP records. By contrast, your recordable DVD-R discs are "burned" with a laser, and have a slightly different format than the retail DVDs you buy or rent. Playing your burned DVD-Rs requires an extra feature or two that MOST but not all players have. Below is our current detailed list, of existing DVD player brands and models with an evaluation of their ability to play your DVD-R recordings.

Little Differences Matter...
There are subtle differences between the dye formulas and top reflectors used among DVD-R manufacturers, as each company struggles to find a "middle ground" that straddles the wide variations in laser types and logic circuitry used by DVD players and burners. Even though two general purpose type DVD-Rs may be well made, they may have been made to slightly different standards by their makers; each deciding to be more or less compatible with certain brands of players and burners.

How Do We Know?
This information has been obtained from many sources, including our own tests and information from users such as yourself. It is constantly updated. While we cannot absolutely guarantee that your recordings will play on each of these players, we hope that this partial list of over 200 different DVD players will help you see the present state of the DVD player market.

No Guarantees...
Remember that this list is merely a guide to DVD-R and DVD player compatibility. It does not, nor cannot guarantee that any one DVD-R disc is compatible with a particular player. It merely reports that the player has been reported to work with at least ONE type or brand of general purpose DVD-R or DVD-RW.

Try a Few...
As always, we recommend that you buy small quantities of several types of general purpose DVD-R discs to determine which will work best with your own burner and available target DVD players. The DVD recordable market is constantly changing and requires that you be willing to invest a minimum of time and a modest "testing budget" to gain the experience and knowledge you need to fully enjoy and benefit from this exciting new technology. If you wish, you may want to order one of our affordable General Purpose DVD-R Sampler Paks. (Each sampler pak includes FREE 2nd Business Day Air Shipping at no additional charge, and is non-returnable.)

Share Your Wisdom...
If you wish to provide us with another model that you have tested personally and can provide reliable information about, or you have found an error in the list below, feel free to email us your ADDITIONS or CORRECTIONS -- we will appreciate it!

DVD Player Model DVD-R Compatibility
Aiwa XD-DV170No
Aiwa XD-DV290Yes
Aiwa XD-DV370Yes
Akai DVPS 760Yes
Apex 1500Yes
Apex 3201Yes
Apex AD-5131Yes
(some features disabled)
Apex AD-500ANo
Apex AD-500BNo
Apex AD-600ANo
Apex AD-660Yes
Apex AD-703Yes
Denon DVD-1000Yes
Denon DVD-1500No
Denon DVD-3000Yes
Denon DVD-3300Yes
Denon DVM-3700Yes
Emerson DVD-2000Yes
Go! Video AMP-5000Yes
Go! Video DVS-3000No
Go! Video DVP 853Yes
Harmon Kardon DVD-5Yes
Hitachi DV-B305DYes
Hitachi DVP-305UYes
Hitachi DVP-315UYes
Hitachi DVW1No
JVC XV-1000No
JVC XV-501No
JVC XV-523Yes
JVC XV-D723Yes
JVC XV-M567Yes
Kenwood DV-402Yes
Kenwood DV-403Yes
Kenwood DVCL85VYes
KLH DVD-1000Yes
Magnavox DVD-611ATYes
Magnavox DVD-711/171Yes
Marantz DV3100Sometimes
Memorex MVD-2026Yes
Mitsubishi DD-2000No
Mitsubishi DD-3000No
Mitsubishi DD-4001No
Mitsubishi DD-4020Yes
Mitsubishi DD-6000Yes
Onkyo DVC-600Yes
Onkyo DVC-601Yes
Oriton DVD100Sometimes
Oritron DVD-200Yes
Oritron DVD-400Yes
Oritron DVD-600Yes
Panasonic CT27DC50Yes
Panasonic DMR E10Yes
Panasonic DVD LV75WYes
Panasonic DVD RV80Yes
Panasonic DVD-A10Yes
Panasonic DVD-A100Yes
Panasonic DVD-A120UYes
Panasonic DVD-A310Yes
Panasonic DVD-A7Yes
Panasonic DVD-CV50No
Panasonic DVD-CV50UNo
Panasonic DVD-CV51No
Panasonic DVD-K520Yes
Panasonic DVD-L10DYes
Panasonic DVD-L50DYes
Panasonic DVD-RV30Yes
Panasonic DVD-RV31Yes
Panasonic DVD-RV45KU-5Yes
Panasonic DVD-RV80Yes
Panasonic DVDT2000Yes
Panasonic PV-D4741Yes
Panasonic PV-D4761Yes
Panasonic TH15DT2Yes
Philips DVD 711Yes
Philips DVD 950ATNo
Philips DVD 956Yes
Philips DVD 972CYes
Philips DVD-400ATNo
Philips DVD-850ATNo
Philips DVD 621Yes
Philips DVD 941No
Philips DVD712AT21Yes
Philips DVD953AT21Yes
Pioneer DV-333Yes
Pioneer DV-343Yes
Pioneer DV-414Yes
Pioneer DV-434Yes
Pioneer DV-503Yes
Pioneer DV-505Yes
Pioneer DV-525Yes
Pioneer DV-535Yes
Pioneer DV-54Yes
Pioneer DV-606DYes
Pioneer DV-C503Yes
Pioneer DVL-700Yes
Pioneer DVL-90Sometimes
Pioneer AMP-1000Yes
Pioneer AMP-2000Yes
Pioneer Elite DV-05Yes
Pioneer PDV-LC10Yes
Proscan P 8610PYes
Proscan PS8680ZYes
Raite RDP-715Yes
RCA C52152Yes
RCA RC5215PYes
RCA RC5220PYes
RCA RC5225PYes
Sampo DVE-520No
Samsung DVD-611Yes
Samsung DVD-709No
Samsung DVD-M301Yes
Samsung DVD-N501Yes
Sharp DV-750UYes
Sharp DVL-70TVSometimes
Sharp DV-S200Sometimes
Sharp DV-SF20Yes
Sony DAV-S300Yes
Sony DVP-C600Yes
Sony DVP-C650DYes
Sony DVP-C660Yes
Sony DVP-C670DYes
Sony DVP-CX850DYes
Sony DVP-CX860Yes
Sony DVP-CX870DYes
Sony DVP-F5Yes
Sony DVP-FX1Yes
Sony DVP-NC600Yes
Sony DVP-NC600BYes
Sony DVP-NS300Yes
Sony DVP-NS300/BYes
Sony DVP-NS400DYes
Sony DVP-NS700PYes
Sony DVP-S300Yes
Sony DVP-S3000No
Sony DVP-S330Yes
Sony DVP-S350Yes
Sony DVP-S360Yes
Sony DVP-S360Yes
Sony DVP-S500Yes
Sony DVP-S560Yes
Sony DVP-S501DYes
Sony DVP-S530Yes
Sony DVP-S550DYes
Sony DVP-S560DYes
Sony DVP-S560DYes
Sony DVP-S570DYes
Sony DVP-S7000No
Sony DVP-S7700Yes
Sony DVP-S9000ESYes
Sony DVP-7000Yes
Sony DVP-7700Yes
Sony DVP-9000Yes
Sony Playstation 2Yes
Sony PVDV-30No
Sylvania DVL 1000No
Sylvania DVL 100ANo
Technics A10DYes
Technics DVD-A10PP-NNo
Thompson (RCA C3400)Yes
Toshiba DVD SD-160LNo
Toshiba MED-300ASNo
Toshiba SD-1200Yes
Toshiba SD-1600Yes
Toshiba SD-1700Yes
Toshiba SD-2107UNo
Toshiba SD-2108UNo
Toshiba SD-2109No
Toshiba SD-2150Yes
Toshiba SD-2200Yes
Toshiba SD-2300Yes
Toshiba SD2700Yes
Toshiba SD-2705Yes
Toshiba SD-2800Yes
Toshiba SD-3006Yes
Toshiba SD-3107No
Toshiba SD-3109No
Toshiba SD-4205Yes
Toshiba SD-5000XYes
Toshiba SD-5109CNo
Toshiba SD-6109CNo
Toshiba SD-6200Yes
Toshiba SD-9000UNo
Victor XV-521Sometimes
Yamaha DVD-5796Yes
Yamaha DVD-C996Yes
Yamaha DVD-S510BNo
Yamaha DVD-S700Yes
Yamaha DVD-S796Yes
Zenith DVC-2200Yes
Zenith DVC-2201Yes
Zenith DVC-2250Yes
Zenith DVC-2515Yes
Zenith IQDVD-2300Yes
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