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Pioneer Sale

DVD+R 16x 4.7gb, DVD Plus R Media (Certified 16x Grade A compatible with drives by Pioneer, BenQ, Aopen and many other leading 16x DVD+/-RW Writer Manufacturers)

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DVD+R 16x 4.7gb, DVD Plus R Media (Certified 16x Grade A compatible with drives by Pioneer, BenQ, Aopen and many other leading 16x DVD+/-RW Writer Manufacturers)

Please Select Pak Size & Price:
500 Pak, 26 lbs - $ 260.00  ($0.52000 ea)
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These discs feature a completely blank non imprinted, highly reflective silver top surface. They have passed 100 factory and product tests and inspections and have proven to be qualified for the highest DVD+R standards. Discs feature a blank top silver surface, with a purple bottom dye. Write Speed - 16x to 1x according to your PC recording software, drive settings and drive internal firmware. Capacity - 4.7GB total (4.37gb formatted), 120 minutes total runtime for video.

These discs will work in most DVD+R plus type DVD burners, or dual +/- DVD burners, and also many late-model +R type stand alone DVD recorders, if they support the 16x recordng speed.

DVD+/-R Writers Compatible with 16x Speed DVD+R Media
  • 4KUS DRW-3S163
  • 4KUS DRW-5S163
  • Addonics Mobile AEMPMDVR16F
  • Addonics Mobile AEMPMDVR16S
  • Addonics Mobile AEMPMDVR16U
  • Addonics Mobile II AEMPMVRWIID
  • Alera Technologies DVD Cruiser 16
  • AOpen DUW1608/ARR
  • Artec 16x4x16 (VPP-16D4OW)
  • Asus DRW-1604P
  • Asus DRW-1604P-D External
  • BenQ DW1600
  • BenQ DW1610
  • BenQ DW1620
  • BenQ EW162I
  • BTC DRW 1016IM
  • BTC DRW 1016UI
  • BUSlink DBW-1644
  • BUSlink DBW1644-U2F
  • CyberDrive/CyberHome DX162D
  • Digistor 16x External Dual
  • Digistor 16x Internal Dual
  • Digital Research Internal 16x DVD+RW/+R
  • DigitalMax DRW-3S163
  • Emprex DVDRW 1016IM
  • Enlight DWDL1624A
  • EZQuest Boa 16X DVD-/+R External
  • EZQuest Boa 16X DVD-/+R Internal
  • Fantom Drives FDDRWDF16D
  • Fantom Drives FDDRWU2P16D
  • Freecom DVD+/-RW16B9 Double Layer Internal
  • Freecom DVD+/-RW16B9 Double Layer Portable (FX-50)
  • Gigabyte GO-W1608A
  • Gigabyte GO-W1616C
  • HP DVD Movie Writer DC5000
  • HP DVD630e
  • HP DVD630i
  • I/O Magic External 16X DVD+/-RW+/-R (IDVD16DDME)
  • I/O Magic Internal 16X DVD+/-RW/+/-R (IDVD16DD)
  • Iomega Super DVD QuikTouch 16x External
  • Iomega Super DVD Writer 16x Dual-Format External
  • Kano Technologies K16Xtreme External Dual DVD+/-
  • Kano Technologies K16Xtreme Internal Dual DVD+/-
  • LaCie 16x DVD+/-RW Double Layer External
  • LaCie 16x DVD+/-RW Double Layer Internal
  • LG GSA-4160B
  • LG GSA-4163B
  • LG GSA-5160D
  • LG GWA-4161B
  • Lite-On SOHW-1613S
  • Lite-On SOHW-1633S
  • Lite-On SOHW-1633SX
  • Lite-On SOHW-1653S
  • Mad Dog Megastor MD-16XDVD9
  • Mad Dog Megastor MD-16XDVD9-EXT
  • Memorex 16x D2 DVD+/-DLRWL1 F16 External
  • Memorex 16x D2 DVD+/-DLRWL1 F16 Internal
  • Micro Advantage 16DDVDRW-A13
  • MicroSolutions Backpack 16x DVD+/-R/RW DL
  • MSI DR16-B
  • MSI DR16-B2
  • NEC ND-3100A
  • NEC ND-3450A
  • NEC ND-3500A
  • NEC ND-3520A
  • Nu Tech DDW-163
  • Nu Tech DDW-164
  • Nu Tech HDW-164
  • One Technologies 16x Aluwriter DVD DL
  • OptoRite DD1601
  • Pacific Digital U-30264 16x DL Internal DVD+/-RW
  • Pacific Digital U-30274 16x DL External DVD+/-RW
  • Pacific Digital U-30278/U-30279 16x/5x DL Internal DVD+/-RW
  • Philips DVD8601/PBDV1601
  • Philips DVD8631
  • Philips DVDR1620/DVDR1640
  • Philips ED16DVDR
  • Piodata DVR-108DX
  • Pioneer DVR-A08/108 & XL models
  • Pioneer DVR-S806
  • Plextor PX-716A
  • Plextor PX-716SA
  • Plextor PX-716UF
  • Ricoh MP5316DA
  • Rosewill RD-162
  • Samsung TS-E552U
  • Samsung TS-H552B
  • Samsung TS-H552U
  • Sony DRU-710A
  • Sony DRX-710UL
  • Sony DVDirect VRD-VC10
  • Sony DW-D22A
  • Speer 16824
  • TDK 1612DLB
  • TDK 1616N
  • Teac DV-W516D
  • Teac DV-W516G
  • Teac DV-W516G PUK/External
  • Toshiba SD-R5372
  • Traxdata RW3500
  • TX Quasar 16x Ext
  • Waitec Action 16
  • Waitec Action 16EX
  • Yamakawa DVR-Y16

Updating your PC DVD burner's internal firmware generally improves its ability to recognize and work reliably with more brands of discs. See your manufacturer's support pages for latest free downloadable firmware updates. Our "Disc Finder" page linked near the top of our first page also provides links to many of these firmware updates for popular DVD burners. If you have compatibility problems with a particular disc brand, firmware updates usually solve the problem. Should work at least at 4x speed with most DVD+R burners, and at up to 16x speed on newer 16x speed machines, if they have latest firmware updates, see links below

Most firmware updates can be downloaded from ...
�Our Check Your Burner Page, or
�Firmware Flash or
�Cdr Info

Once you've installed the latest drive firmware, then upgrading your DVD burning software, such as Nero, Roxio, uLead etc., to the latest version (from your software maker's web pages) can usually improve your drive's performance with many brands of DVD+/-Rs. Also, you may want to try another software, since some software simply supports one or two drives and disc brands better than others. A little experimentation between leading software programs can save you a lot of time and frustration. See our �DVD Recordable FAQ page for DVD software recommendations and links.



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