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Dual Layer DVD+/-R
arwdvdr sale Plus DVD+R 8.5g
arwdvdr sale Minus DVD-R 8.5g
DVD-R Media
arwdvdr sale All DVD-R
arwdvdr sale 16x DVD-R
arwdvdr sale 12x DVD-R
arwdvdr sale 8x DVD-R
arwdvdr sale 4x DVD-R
arwdvdr sale 1x DVD-R
arwdvdr sale Colored DVD-R New
arwdvdr sale 8.5gb Dual Layer DVD-R
arwdvdr sale 9.4gb Double Sided DVD-R
arwdvdr sale DVD-RW
arwdvdr sale Mini DVD-R
arwdvdr sale All Printable DVD-R
arwdvdr sale Thermal DVD-R
arwdvdr sale Inkjet DVD-R
arwdvdr sale T.Yuden Inkjet DVD-R
arwdvdr sale T.Yuden Thermal DVD-R
arwdvdr sale Beall Thermal DVD-R
arwdvdr sale Beall Inkjet DVD-R
arwdvdr sale Hub Printable DVD-R
arwdvdr sale Authoring DVD-R
DVD+R Media
arwdvdr sale All DVD+R
arwdvdr sale 16x DVD+R
arwdvdr sale 12x DVD+R
arwdvdr sale 8x DVD+R
arwdvdr sale 4x DVD+R
arwdvdr sale 2.4x DVD+R
arwdvdr sale 8.5gb Dual Layer DVD+R
arwdvdr sale DVD+RW
arwdvdr sale Thermal DVD+R
arwdvdr sale Inkjet DVD+R
arwdvdr sale T.Yuden Inkjet DVD+R
arwdvdr sale T.Yuden Thermal DVD+R
arwdvdr sale Hub Printable DVD+R
arwdvdr sale DVD-RAM
arwdvdr sale Mini DVD-RAM
CD Media
arwAll CD-R
arw52x CD-R
arw48x CD-R
arwTruSilver CD-R
arwTruSilver Inkjet CD-R
arwAudio/Music CD-R
arwColored CD-R
arwAll Printable CD-R
arwHub Printable CD-R
arwInkjet CD-R
arwThermal CD-R
arwMini CD-R
arwMini Inkjet CD-R
arwBusiness Card CD-R
arwBusiness Inkjet CD-R
CD/DVD Printing
arwAll Printers
arwPrimera Printers
arwRimage Printers
arw16x DVD Duplicators
arwAll Inkjet Carts
arwPrimera Ink Carts
arwEpson Inkjet Carts
arwThermal Ribbons
LABELS  &  ToolKits
arwCD Labels
arwDVD Labels
arwLabel Tool Kits
arwFree Label Templates
arwJewel Cases
arwSlender Cases
arwDVD Movie Cases
arwAll Sleeves
arwPaper Sleeves
arwVinyl Sleeves
arwTyvek Sleeves
arwMini Sleeves
arwCase Insert Cards
arwCalendar Cases
arwDocument Scanners
arwXerox Scanners
arwBell+Howell Scanners
arwDVD Burners
arwDVD-R Media All CD/DVD Duplicators
arwDVD-R Media 52x CD Duplicators
arwDVD-R Media 16x DVD Duplicators
arwDVD-R Media Pioneer Duplicators
arwDVD-R Media Plextor Duplicators
arwDVD-R Media 1-Target Duplicators
arwDVD-R Media 3-Target Duplicators
arwDVD-R Media 5-Target Duplicators
arw7-Target Duplicators
arw9-Target Duplicators
arw11-Target Duplicators
arwRobotic Systems
arwFirewire PC Cards
arwFlash Memory
arwExt. Enclosures
arwExt. Cables
Data Storage
arwZip Disks
arwDAT Tapes
arwDLT Tapes
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DVD Burners

Inkjet CD/DVD Printers, Inks and Accessories

Thermal CD/DVD Printers, Ribbons and Accessories

CD/DVD Duplicator Systems

DVD Video Interface Box

3.5 Inch Computer Diskettes

CD-R Media

CD/DVD Labels, for Full Sized Discs

CD Sleeves, Pockets, Envelopes & Vinyl Covers

CD Jewel Cases

Mini and Business Card Sized CD-R Media

Mailing Labels

Inkjet and Laser Toner Cartridges

DVD-R Media for "General" or Dual +/- Burners

DVD+R Media for "Plus" or Dual +/- Burners

Printable DVDR Media for Direct to Disc Printers

Markable DVD-R Media for "General" or Dual +/- Burners

DVD-RW Rewritable Media for "General" or Dual +/- Burners

Double Sided 9.4gb Media for "General" or Dual +/- Burners

DVDR Sampler Paks

DVD-RAM Eraseable Media

Authoring DVD-R Media for Pioneer DVR-S101/S201 Burners


Imation Media

Calendar Cases and Stands

DVD Cases and Holders

Unassembled Jewel Cases for Duplication and Production

Vinyl Sleeves and Covers

Empty CD/DVD Cake Boxes, Top Hat Cases, and Spindle Holders

Shrinkwrap Envelopes for CD or DVD Cases

CD/DVD Stick On Hubs

Jewel Case Insert Cards

Avery CD/DVD Labels and Insert Card Sets

Stomper Pro CD/DVD Labels and Insert Card Sets

CD/DVD Carrying Cases, Zipper Disc Wallets and Disc Storage Cabinets

CD/DVD Mailers

Maxell Products

Mitsui Products

Maxell DVD-RAM Products

Verbatim DVD-RAM Products

Prodisc CD-R Products

Princo Products

DLT Tape, DAT Tape Products

Ritek CD-R Products

Sony CD-R Products

TDK CD-R Products

Verbatim CD-R Products

Verbatim Laser Toner

Verbatim 3.5-Inch Diskettes

Flash Memory Cards and Accessories

CD-R Sampler Paks

Zip and Jaz DIsc Cartridges

Compact Flourescent Light Bulbs

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Save Money & Time with
Genuine HP Toner Cartridges!

Primera Printer Ink Cartridges
HP Toner Cartridges C4127X HP LJ 4000/T Black
HP Toner Cartridges C7115A HP LJ 1200/20 Black
HP Toner Cartridges C7115X HP LJ 1200/1220 Black
HP Toner Cartridges C8543X HP LJ 9000 SP Blk Hi
HP Toner Cartridges Q2612A HP LJ 1012/INT-1010 Blk
HP Toner Cartridges Q5949A HP LJ 1160/1320 Black
HP Toner Cartridges Q5949X HP LJ 1160/1320 Blk Hi
HP Toner Cartridges Dual Packs Available

Pioneer DVD/CD Duplicators
Save $100's on 16x Pioneer Drive DVD/CD Duplicators

Free Shipping Specials
on Pioneer Duplicators

1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 , 13 , 20 & 30 , Target DVR-116D Drives. Duplicates all popular CD-R/W & DVD-R/W disc formats. Even burns new Dual Layer 8.5gb 4-hr DVD-R's. Easy front panel push button controls. Needs no software or computer - Fast, reliable and fully automatic...
Water Resistance
Watershield52x 80 Minute 700 MB CDR 43¢
Watershield16x 120 Minute 4.7GB DVD-R 53¢
Save With our free Shipping deals
Dual Layer DVD+R 79¢
Digital Frame
Blu-ray Duplicators
Blu-ray  DuplicatorsBlu-ray Duplicators

one(1) Target only $999
New Prices on Blu-ray Duplicators!

1 , 2 , 3 , 4 , 5 , 6 , 7 , 8 , 9 , 10 , 11 , Target, Now you can duplicate Blue-ray discs with up to 10 times more storage capacity (50GB) than a standard DVD ....
Blu-Ray BD-R & BD-RE
Dymo label Printer
space space
Primera & Rimage
Printing Supplies

Primera Printer Ink Cartridges
Bravo Color CartridgesBravo Color Ink Cartridges $ 32.95
Bravo Color CartridgesBravo Black Ink Cartridges $ 32.95
Primera ink CartridgesSignature Z6 Ink Cartridges $ 44.90
Primera Ink CartridgesSignature Z1 Ribbons $ 18.95
Rimage Printing Supplies
Rimage Printer ribbons3 Color (CMY) 202944-001 $ 115
Rimage Printer ribbons4 Color (CMY+White) 202945-001 $ 135
Rimage Printer ribbons480i Color Ink 203339-001 $ 54.00
Rimage Printer ribbons480i Black Ink 203340-001 $ 42.50

New Products
Binders & C-Shells

Albums and Ring Binders for CDs and DVDs
New Albums and Ring Binders
for CDs and DVDs

2-Ring Binder Holds 52-Ring Binder Holds 5 - $1.59
2-Ring Binder Holds 102-Ring Binder Holds 10 - $1.99
2-Ring Binder Holds 202-Ring Binder Holds 20 - $3.99

C-Shell CD/DVD Cases
New C-Shell CD/DVD Cases

Round C-Shell Holds 1 DiscRound C-Shell Holds 1 Disc - 24¢
Double C-Shell TranslucentDouble C-Shell Translucent,
- 65¢
TrimPak w/2 Ring Binder HolesTrimPak w/2 Ring Binder Holes - 36¢
UtlraSlim Flexible Trayless CaseUtlraSlim Flexible Trayless Case
- 25¢
All Prices Shown in Quantity Paks
New Products
Thermal Ribbons & Labels

Thermal Ribbons and Rolled Labels Printing Supplies Thermal Ribbons and Rolled Labels Printing Supplies
Thermal Ribbons and Rolled Labels Printing Supplies Thermal Ribbons and Rolled Labels Printing Supplies

Thermal Ribbons and Rolled Labels Printing SuppliesAll Compatible Thermal
Thermal Ribbons and Rolled Labels Printing SuppliesRibbons

Thermal Ribbons and Rolled Labels Printing SuppliesAll Direct Thermal Labels
Thermal Ribbons and Rolled Labels Printing SuppliesAll Thermal Transfer
Thermal Ribbons and Rolled Labels Printing SuppliesProducts

Genuine Lexmark Ink Cartridges...

Since 1981, Americal has guaranteed our generic CD, DVD and Diskette Media products to meet or exceed industry standards. We guarantee you'll be satisfied with our non branded no-name media, or your money back!

   * Orders in by 5 p.m. Eastern Time are shipped the same day on over 90% of our product catalog. Ordered products must be in stock at time of order and are subject to back orders or delays, if oversold. Delayed or back orders are notified by email. In stock status shown is updated once every 24 hours. Call if you need info on immediate shipping availability -- 800-288-8025 during business hours Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm Pacific.
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