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Dual Layer DVD+/-R
arwdvdr sale DVD+R 8.5g DL
arwdvdr sale DL Printable
arwdvdr saleDVD-R 8.5g DL
arwdvdr sale Mini DVD+/-R 2.6g DL
arwblu-ray duplicatorsBlu-Ray Duplicators
arwdvdr saleBlu-ray Writer/Burner
arwdvdr sale BD-R
arwdvdr sale BD-RE
arwdvdr sale Blu-ray Cases
MiniDV Cassettes

RIMAGE Ribbons & Kits
PRIMERA Ink & Supplies

Single & Multi CD/DVD Cases

VHS Tapes
DVD-R Media
arwdvdr sale All DVD-R
arwdvdr sale 16x DVD-R
arwdvdr sale 8x DVD-R
arwdvdr sale 4x DVD-R
arwdvdr sale Dual Layer DVD-R
arwdvdr sale DVD-RW
arwdvdr sale Mini DVD-R
arwdvdr sale All Printable DVD-R
arwdvdr sale Thermal DVD-R
arwdvdr sale Inkjet DVD-R
arwdvdr sale Memorex DVD-R
arwdvdr sale T.Yuden Inkjet DVD-R
arwdvdr sale T.Yuden Thermal DVD
arwdvdr sale Verbatim Inkjet DVD-R
arwdvdr sale Verbatim Thermal DVD
arwdvdr sale Mitsui MAM DVD-R
arwdvdr sale Hub Printable DVD-R
arwdvdr sale Authoring DVD-R
DVD+R Media
arwdvdr sale All DVD+R
arwdvdr sale 16x DVD+R
arwdvdr sale 8x DVD+R
arwdvdr sale 4x DVD+R
arwdvdr sale 2.4x DVD+R
arwdvdr sale Dual Layer DVD+R
arwdvdr sale DVD+RW
arwdvdr sale Thermal DVD+R
arwdvdr sale Inkjet DVD+R
arwdvdr sale Memorex DVD+R
arwdvdr sale LightScribe DVD+R
arwdvdr sale T.Yuden Inkjet +R
arwdvdr sale T.Yuden Thermal +R
arwdvdr sale Hub Printable DVD+R
arwdvdr sale DVD-RAM
arwdvdr sale Mini DVD-RAM
CD Media
arwDVD-R Media All CD-R
arwDVD-R Media 52x CD-R
arwDVD-R Media 48x CD-R
arwDVD-R Media TruSilver CD-R
arwDVD-R Media TruSilver Inkjet CD-R
arwdvdr sale Mitsui MAM CDR
arwDVD-R Media Audio/Music CD-R
arwDVD-R Media CD-RW
arwDVD-R Media Colored CD-R
arwDVD-R Media All Printable CD-R
arwDVD-R Media Hub Printable CD-R
arwDVD-R Media Inkjet CD-R
arwDVD-R Media Thermal CD-R
arwDVD-R Media Mini CD-R
arwDVD-R Media Mini Inkjet CD-R
arwDVD-R Media Business Card CD-R
arwDVD-R Media Business Inkjet CD-R
arwdvdr saleRimage Ribbons
arwdvdr sale Rimage Kits
arwdvdr sale Rimage Printers
arwdvdr sale Rimage Publishers
arwdvdr salePrimera Ink Cartridges
arwdvdr salePrimera Ribbons
arwdvdr sale Primera Printers
arwdvdr sale Primera Publishers
CD/DVD Printing
arwDVD-R Media All Printers
arwDVD-R Media LaCie LightScribe
arwDVD-R Media Primera Printers
arwDVD-R Media Rimage Printers
arwDVD-R Media All Inkjet Carts
arwDVD-R Media Lexmark Ink Carts
arwDVD-R Media Primera Ink Carts
arwDVD-R Media Epson Inkjet Carts
arwDVD-R Media Thermal Ribbons
arwDVD-R Media CD Labels
arwDVD-R Media DVD Labels
arwDVD-R Media Label Tool Kits
arwDVD-R Media Jewel Cases
arwDVD-R Media Clamshells
arwDVD-R Media Slender/Thin Cases
arwDVD-R Media DVD Movie Cases
arwDVD-R Media All CD/DVD Sleeves
arwDVD-R Media Paper Sleeves
arwDVD-R Media Vinyl Sleeves
arwDVD-R Media Tyvek Sleeves
arwDVD-R Media Mini Sleeves
arwDVD-R Media CD/DVD Mailers
arwDVD-R Media Case Insert Cards
arwDVD-R Media Calendar Cases
arwDVD-R Media Free Label Templates
arwDVD-R Media GPS Receivers
arwDVD-R Media CD/DVD Printers
arwDVD-R Media CD/DVD Burners
arwDVD-R Media LightScribe Drives
arwDVD-R Media All CD/DVD Duplicators
arwDVD-R Media 52x CD Duplicators
arwDVD-R Media 20x DVD Duplicators
arwDVD-R Media Pioneer Duplicators
arwDVD-R Media Flash Memory
arwDVD-R Media Ext. Enclosures
arwDVD-R Media Ext. Cables
Data Storage
arwDVD-R Media Diskettes
arwDVD-R Media DAT Tapes
arwDVD-R Media DLT Tapes
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DVD-R Media

IMPORTANT: To receive maximum credit and minimize problems, please read and follow the rules below carefully.

After the form below is submitted, you will receive an email that gives you an RMA Number and our Return Shipping Address to ship your returned items to. The RMA Number must be included on the outside label of your shipping box. Our warehouse is not authorized to accept return shipments without an RMA Number on their shipping label.


  1.'s own brand and our bulk, generic non-branded products may be returned for credit or refund of the original product-only purchase cost, not counting shipping, within 30 days of their purchase, with the customer paying all shipping costs.

  2. All acceptable returned bulk products above must be in re-sellable, new, unused condition, with all packaging materials, boxes, holders, labelling and packaging. They must be carefully packaged with a copy of the original invoice so we can identify and properly credit your account. Any used, non-resellable, damaged, products shipped without their original labels and/or packaging, or unidentified products will not be credited or refunded.

  3. Any bulk product returned due to a customer's ordering error, will be charged a 25% restocking fee and all shipping costs.

  4. If we have shipped you a different product than you actually ordered by our own error, you will receive a full credit of all product and all shipping costs.

  5. UN-OPENED BRAND NAME* or SOFTWARE**, or HARDWARE*** products may be returned within 30 days after their purchase, for a credit or refund, less a 25% restocking fee and less all shipping costs.

  6. DO NOT RETURN ANY BRAND NAME* or SOFTWARE**, or HARDWARE*** PRODUCT after the original manufacturer's packaging has been opened.

  7. If you do return a BRAND NAME* or SOFTWARE**, or HARDWARE*** product after its packaging has been opened, it will be shipped back to you, and you will be charged for all shipping costs, plus an additional 25% fee of the price of the product to repay our handling costs, and you will not receive any refund or credit for the product.
*BRAND NAME products are any name brand, non-generic products that are identified by any name other than by, or Bulk Media, Inc. BRAND NAME products include, are not limited to, products made by Avery, HP, Imation, Iomega, Maxell, Mitsui, Neato, Panasonic, Philips, Pioneer, Primera, Princo, Prodisc, Ritek, RiDATA, SanDisk, Sony, Stomper, Taiyo Yuden, TDK, and Verbatim.

**SOFTWARE products include, but are not limited to, products such as CD STOMPER LABEL SYSTEM KITS, AVERY AFTERBURNER LABEL KITS, DVD X COPY, and other computer programs and applications, and products that include computer programs and applications.

***HARDWARE products include, but are not limited to, products such as computer hard disk drives, memory cards, flash memory, xD-Picture cards, CompactFlash Cards, SmartMedia Cards, MultiMedia Cards, other camera and digital device memory cards, printers, printer inks and ribbons, disc duplicators and duplicator/printers, printer and duplicator auto-loaders, printer and duplicator stands and feeder trays, printer toner cartridges and drums, stand alone home CD or DVD recorders or players and other electronic devices or accessories.

Hardware Returns for Defects, DOA, Etc. - Each returned printer, disc duplicator system, DVD burner, hard drive, and any other hardware product that is returned as defective will be tested. If found defective, a new product will be shipped at no added charge to the customer. If returned hardware is found to be in working order, the original equipment will be returned to the customer, who will pay all round-trip shipping costs and an added $25.00 equipment testing fee will be charged to the customer. Hardware proven defective will be exchanged, but under no conditions will money be refunded for hardware. This is a firm policy, without exceptions.


Brand name products may be returned only if their original manufacturer's packaging has NOT been opened, and a 25% restocking fee will be charged to any returned unopened brand name product. Upon receiving any brand name product (such as branded discs, memory cards, printers, duplicators, drives, CD/DVD burners, etc.) you should inspect the outside of the box or package to make sure it is the product you wanted or ordered, and that it will be compatible with your system, and so on. If you ordered the wrong product, or the product is incompatible for your needs, DO NOT OPEN THE BOX -- if you open the product packaging, you own it, and it cannot be returned to us. Our warehouse will return the product to you if you do send opened brand name products to them, and you will be charged for all shipping costs.

Our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee applies ONLY to any of our own "" bulk, generic no-logo CD/DVD media, and generic CD/DVD packaging products such as sleeves, labels and CD/DVD cases. Our return guarantee does NOT apply to "Brand Name" hardware such as printers, memory cards, CD/DVD burners, drives, duplicators and similar type products. Brand name products are covered by their own manufacturers' warranties and any returns or other customer support issues must go to the appropriate maker of the product. Those companies have their own warranties (see their own individual web sites). For example, the EZCDPrint CD/DVD Inkjet Printer is covered by its own EZCDPrint manufacturer's limited warranty.

If you decide to return any of our bulk no-logo products during the 30-day guarantee period after your initial purchase, you can receive credit for all unused or reselleable products, if they are properly identified, and packaged, so they arrive in excellent condition, and with any and all original packaging and support materials. Any missing, damaged, or used products cannot be credited. Please be sure to include all original packaging and documentation. This will help us ensure you get the maximum credit for your returned items. Please attach labels on all products clearly identifying them with product codes, descriptions, etc., so they can be easily identified by our warehouse personnel for giving you proper credit. Unlabeled, unrecognizable products cannot be credited. In some cases, we reserve the right to refuse returns of any products -- if they are returned due to "incompatibility", "wrong products ordered" or other customer mistakes and ordering errors, or if your items are returned after our 30 Day Satisfaction Guarantee has expired. If such returns are accepted, a 25% restocking fee may apply. Other limits and conditions may apply, see our Guarantee Page.)


In a few cases, we may have shipped you the wrong product by our mistake, different than the actual items you ordered. If that has happened, please call us immediately and directly using our toll-free number at 800-288-8025 so we can send you a "call tag" to have the incorrect shipment picked up at our expense.

BOLD fields are required
Your Name:
E-Mail Address:
Reason for Return:
Product returns due to "incompatibility", other ordering errors or items received after your 30 days guarantee has expired, will be charged 25% restocking fees. Be sure to return your products promptly, as items returned after the 30 day guarantee period for whatever reason may be refused at our discretion. NOTE: Any DVD burner, printer, duplicator system, or other hardware returned as defective will be tested and an added $25 fee plus round-trip shipping charged to customer, if it passes testing. Truly defective hardware products may be returned for exchange only. No money is ever refunded for hardware products. Other limits and conditions may apply, see our Guarantee Page.
Brand & Model:

If returning DVDs, please tell us your burner's brand and model number. Click the >> Firmware Download Link Page, if you need help finding out the model number.

BEFORE RETURNING DVDs -- Please take a few minutes to update your drive to the latest available firmware to improve disc compatibility. This usually fixes most problems -- Read our >> Firmware Download Link Page, which also tells how to find out the current level of your firmware and drive model number.
Stock No(s).
of Returned

Especially if returning DVD or CD discs, please tell us the exact Stock No(s)., so we can suggest replacements, compatibility information, or other helpful tips for you.
Daytime Phone Number:
Especially for shipping questions
Original Order No.:
From your original e-mail order confirmation
Company Name:
Your Title:
Mailing Address:
Zip Code:
Fax Number:
Secure Orders - all major credit cards accepted, also COD and Money Orders, too!
New Binders
C-Shells & DVD Cases

Albums and Ring Binders for CDs and DVDs
Albums and Ring Binders
for CDs and DVDs

2-Ring Binder Holds 102-Ring Binder Holds 5 - $1.72
2-Ring Binder Holds 102-Ring Binder Holds 10 - $1.99
2-Ring Binder Holds 202-Ring Binder Holds 20 - $3.99
2-Ring Binder Holds 302-Ring Binder Holds 30 - $7.95

C-Shell CD/DVD Cases
New C-Shell CD/DVD Cases

Round C-Shell Holds 1 DiscRound C-Shell Holds 1 Disc - 24¢
Double C-Shell TranslucentDouble C-Shell Translucent,
- 65¢
TrimPak w/2 Ring Binder HolesTrimPak w/2 Ring Binder Holes - 36¢
UtlraSlim Flexible Trayless CaseUtlraSlim Flexible Trayless Case
- 25¢
C-Shell CD/DVD CasesC-Shell CD/DVD Cases
New Multi 10 DVD Cases

DVD Case Holds 10 DiscMultidisc 10 CD/DVD Unbreakable Cases
All Prices Shown in Quantity Paks
Xerox Drum/Toner Cartridges
Duplicator Specials 5 target

Drum Cartridge C20/M20/4118 $99
Toner/Drum WorkCentre PE16 $99
106R01047 Toner Cartridge $74.99
Primera & Rimage
Free Shipping Specials

Primera Printer Ink Cartridges
Bravo Color CartridgesBravo Color Ink Cartridges
Bravo Color CartridgesBravo Black Ink Cartridges
Primera ink CartridgesSignature Z6 Ink Cartridges
Primera Ink CartridgesSignature Z1 Ribbons
Rimage Printing Supplies
Rimage Printer ribbons3 Color (CMY) 202944-001
Rimage Printer ribbons4 Color (CMY+White) 202945-001
Rimage Printer ribbons480i Color Ink 203339-001
Rimage Printer ribbons480i Black Ink 203340-001
Pioneer BDR 206
Internal SATA
SPECIAL: 25 Free Media
New 4x BDR MediaNew Pioneer BDR206 Internal Drive
BDRPioneer Blu-ray Special $145
BDRBD-R 25GB Printable $1.29ea
BDRBD-R 50GB Printable $11.99ea
Free Shipping
Verbatim CDR & DVD-R

Verbatim 96524, 24¢

Verbatim 97167 16X, 23¢
White Inkjet Hub Printable, No Stack Ring

Verbatim Everest, 37¢
Rimage & Teac DVD-R
Address Labels
BDR Address Labels, Free Shipping 3000pk $19.99
BDR Dymo Compatible ADDRESS LABEL 700pk $19.99
DVD/CD Duplicator
Duplicator Specials 5 target

1 Target Duplicator $139
5 Target Duplicator $389
Blu-Ray Duplicators
Blu-ray  DuplicatorsBlu-ray Duplicators
one(1) Target only $559
with 500GB hard Drive !

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, Target, Now you can duplicate blu-ray discs with up to 10 times more storage capacity (50GB) than a standard DVD ....
We Accept Purchase Orders from Schools Government and Furtune 1000 too!
NEW Pioneer SATA DVD/CD Duplicators
Save $100's on 16x Pioneer Drive DVD/CD Duplicators

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 13, 20 & 30, Target SATA DVR-219 Drives. Duplicates all popular CD-R/W & DVD-R/W disc formats. Even burns new Dual Layer 8.5gb 4-hr DVD-R's. Easy front panel push button controls. Needs no software or computer - Fast, reliable and fully automatic...
Thermal Ribbons & Labels
Thermal Ribbons and Rolled Labels Printing Supplies Thermal Ribbons and Rolled Labels Printing Supplies
Thermal Ribbons and Rolled Labels Printing Supplies Thermal Ribbons and Rolled Labels Printing Supplies

Thermal Labels & Ribbons For
Zebra, Sato, Datamax, Fargo,
Monarch .....

Thermal Ribbons and Rolled Labels Printing SuppliesAll Compatible Thermal
Thermal Ribbons and Rolled Labels Printing SuppliesRibbons

Thermal Ribbons and Rolled Labels Printing SuppliesAll Direct Thermal Labels
Thermal Ribbons and Rolled Labels Printing SuppliesAll Thermal Transfer
Thermal Ribbons and Rolled Labels Printing SuppliesProducts

   * Orders in by 5 p.m. Eastern Time are shipped the same day on over 90% of our product catalog. Ordered products must be in stock at time of order and are subject to back orders or delays, if oversold. Delayed or back orders are notified by email. In stock status shown is updated once every 24 hours. Call if you need info on immediate shipping availability -- 800-288-8025 during business hours Mon-Fri, 8am-5pm Pacific.
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